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2010 plumbing sanitary ware market, the brand three main energy and water conservation

present people¡¯s awareness of energy saving, home ware has been more than simply decorative or functional facilities, but the advocacy and practice of "low carbon" an important component of life. Correspondingly, new plumbing sanitary ware market this fall, more and more emphasis on saving energy and water requirements, the author of several major building shopping centers in Shenzhen and visited the survey found that much popular in all kinds of water-saving products, almost every product design are unique, even if some seemingly ordinary products are really amazing.

within the precision of Simply

saving expert

the forefront of the luxury bathroom plumbing frugal technology to achieve super-simple form of the United States 4.5/2.9L water; references open 360-degree circle of water in straight sets, in particular, non-return discharge structure design, smooth front and the rear raised, refined Less interior space to form a pressure pipe to prevent the possession of dirt hanging in the pipeline; borrowed the principles of natural water fall, funnel-shaped structure of the inner wall and the boss, not only reduced the amount of pool water, while its sleek and smooth the inlet cavity, funnel-shaped The wall and together form a strong boss torrent, increasing the inlet pressure, discharge more quickly to enhance efficiency.

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