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Plumbing faucet bathroom scuffle outside the intense competition
Bathroom plumbing business but also continue to progress, therefore, international competition is particularly acute. Foreign giants to join the Chinese sanitary ware industry is facing more serious challenges.

Foreign brands predatory business model with sophisticated Chinese market

Representative Brand: TOTO, Kohler, Roca, Ina, Le Yi

"The development of foreign enterprises to China, so long as the funds, models came on it. They invest in China, producing sanitary ware products, achieve full range, variety; and then in marketing, targeting high-end market, through continuous eroded, radiation whole of China, - similar to the war of aggression - with the Chinese people, China¡¯s resources, the production of their products, to seize the Chinese market, make money in China has blocked China¡¯s enterprises. This is an economic war, plunder the market. "about China¡¯s sanitary ware industry in recent years of development, especially foreign brand quickly to seize the market, the industry entrepreneurs feel uneasy.

Prior to 2003, Kohler bathroom plumbing leading high-end market in China, 2003-During 2007, TOTO meteoric rise, the formation of TOTO, Kohler, American Standard, the three pillars of the situation. At present, activities in the domestic market, foreign brands, mainly in Japan, TOTO, Ina, the United States American Standard, Kohler, Moen, Deer Da, Germany, Hansgrohe, Dula Wei, Yue Yi, Grohe, Spain musicians, etc., while domestic brands such as Wrigley bathroom plumbing, sales have reached 12 billion yuan, with TOTO compete against other international brands, Chinese sanitary ware market, foreign brands dominate the market by the individual situation is changing, increasingly fierce competition .

It is reported that prior to entering the Chinese market, these foreign brands more than a hundred years after the development of mature business mode of operation, such as TOTO, Japan holds 70% share of Kohler in the United States occupies about 40% market share.

"Whether the model is the production of products, market research model, space model, the channel network deployment model, terminal sales model, with competitors competing models are ready-made model, but also continuous improvement model. The to support these systems, like a healthy body, these foreign brands are more dynamic. "

Foreign brand-name enterprises in the production line is very long, broad range, covering high, medium and low market. Its brand awareness, consumer brand recognition is high, the brand of sanitary ware in China to block the formation of a market. "For example TOTO bathroom plumbing, low price of only 600 yuan terminal toilet. 600 yuan to buy a toilet, consumers will buy TOTO¡¯s or private companies? So the sanitary ware market is very serious censorship."

And 2009, foreign brands in China accelerated in the expansion of sanitary ware market action.

"China will be the factory of the world into the world market, a huge population, rising per capita income levels, so many foreign brands of bathroom plumbing Chinese market." Dunhuang Building Materials Co., Ltd. All Yujie general manager of marketing, said.

International giants to reach the bathroom plumbing Chinese market, but also to some of the weaker, the lack of brand awareness of enterprises sounded the alarm.

Behalf of the enterprise: Wrigley, Faenza, benefits of, four-dimensional, DPSW, constant cleaning, United States and Canada

Sanitary ceramics industry can not develop without domestic bathroom plumbing business for many years of effort, especially in the last 10 years, a large number of national sanitary ware brand came into being and gradually grow and develop.

Compete with international brands on the same stage, DPSW, United States and Canada, constant cleaning and other development more quickly. Recently, specially DPSW "nation brand must be strong" as the theme at a news conference, constant cleaning is played a "Chinese national team bathroom plumbing" slogan. In addition to constant cleaning, the bathroom plumbing Osman market performance in recent years, the same eye-catching, clear goals: "a world-class Zhu Ming ware enterprises."

In addition, the original export-oriented recreation area bathroom plumbing, the benefits of high and Apollo (China) is different, now, the benefits have started to engage in high-ceramic products, the Apollo has no movement.

Intense competition in domestic and foreign markets are, therefore, bathroom plumbing requirements of the industry development is also very rapid, so that domestic enterprises should be to keep the national development of their own to progress.
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