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Plumbing sanitary ware stable handling of the "last straw" breakthrough value Jingxian
The rapid progress in sanitary ware industry, industry competition, rapid development of the brand of bathroom plumbing, bathroom plumbing companies are leaps and bounds.

Inflation in 2010 flying between the voice in the media. However, after two years before soaring and plunge the economy, consumers are becoming more rational, specific to the ceramic product consumption, many consumers began to look out from the price, product variety, environmental protection and so become the focus of consumers on purchasing.

Recently interviewed some of the ceramic product dealers, who speculated that sales of ceramic products in 2010 may also stay in the level of price competition. However, an unnamed staff member of a Building Materials Association said that from the consumer psychological perspective, the 2010 price war may not be sales of ceramic enterprises to obtain the best way.
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