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Traditional sanitary ware bathroom plumbing how to retire out of the market downturn?
Bathroom plumbing industry withstand the test of many, in 2010 the rapid development of rapid real estate is bound to drive daily development of the industry hardware bathroom plumbing, hardware sanitary plumbing in the new situation presents new trends, hardware plumbing household sanitary products will show the trend, more hardware to meet the domestic demand. Daily hardware plumbing sanitary ware design of new products even more user-friendly, energy saving and environmental protection is a new product daily hardware bathroom plumbing new features.

Currently, the concept of sanitary ware products, has far exceeded the traditional concept of the past. As a symbol of modern luxury living products, its entry into all aspects of people¡¯s lives. That not only has the health and cleaning should also include health care functions, enjoy the features and entertainment features. In the use of functions, only flushing sanitary ware products, there have been spin red type, silent type, Oblique filling, in straight sets type, siphon, jet and so on. Bathroom plumbing products appeared in the shape of Siamese type, and basin series, Siamese-style toilet, bidet, squatting-type devices, urinals, mop basin, column or desktop wash basins and so on. In recent years, sanitary ware products have also introduced additional traffic calming bath, cabinet basin, steam room and other functions of a package of products. Bathroom plumbing hardware products tend to be more humane, rich products, and more optional.
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