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Shanghai cottage Nippo plumbing sanitary ware, Foshan Rifeng Enterprise Trademark
December 3, Liuzhou Trade and Industry Bureau after inspection sales detachment investigated four alleged infringement of registered trademark products business department, and seized a number of pipes and sanitary ware products.

Station Road, mechanical and electrical markets in the city outside the Department, a building materials business, displaying a number of taps on the wall, many inscribed "Shanghai, HSBC bathroom plumbing" six characters and registered design trademark. See the manufacturer on the box marked "Shanghai, HSBC Plumbing Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.", law enforcement personnel required to provide the company¡¯s registration certificate Chen and so on. Soon, the company came the fax. Law enforcement officials found, Shanghai, HSBC plumbing trademark registration issued by Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., the only design trademark, and not "at HSBC," the word.

"These taps have been suspected of infringing on Enterprises Ltd, Foshan City, a registered trademark of ¡¯Nippo¡¯ word the." Law enforcement officials told Chen, Shanghai, HSBC Plumbing Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, authorized the use of trademarks only one pattern, and there is no "at HSBC," the word. The Japanese Enterprises Ltd, Foshan City, in 2008, was "at HSBC" trademark, protected by law throughout the country.

Law enforcement personnel, Shanghai, HSBC Plumbing Sanitary Ware Co taps, if the full name of the enterprise with the use of trademarks and designs, not entirely at Enterprises Ltd, Foshan City, a registered trademark of the "Japan-Feng" constitutes infringement. However, in these taps, the company only engraved "Shanghai, HSBC bathroom plumbing," and save the "Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.", "This has been suspected of infringement of registered trademark, confuse the consumer to judge." Accordingly, law enforcement officers temporarily detained a group of the operation of the faucet, and ordered Chen to stop further sales.

Day, the same detachment seized on suspicion of infringement of registered trademark on the grounds, in the other three operations ministry seized a number of the name "Hong Kong, HSBC," and "Day Hangzhou Feng" brand of pipe.
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