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Ceramic sanitary ware industry has begun to "cross operation" open up the market
Ceramic sanitary ware industry has begun to "cross operation"

In the sanitary ware industry over the Chu River, plunging both ceramic industry, ceramic industry leader has been unwilling to jealously guarding its brand, have launched bathroom plumbing products, sanitary ware is one of the representatives Dongpeng.

Ceramic tile has been a joint stock limited Dongpeng strong brand, from the main to the development of ceramic sanitary ware. Take the road of brand diversification is a way bigger and stronger Dongpeng. Chu Feng, general manager DPSW the author said; "do ware, challenge certainly higher than the bricks, sanitary ware industry in the aesthetic standards, product quality management, as well as knowledge of the industry, these requirements will be more high, but we Dongpeng, the higher demands and the challenge is very significant. "

Product diversification efforts, so many companies access to the scale of the rapid development of many enterprises will also be dragged into the mud of the marshes is difficult to extricate themselves. Advance ceramic sanitary ware brand, or ceramic brand into the bathroom plumbing, would undermine the professionalism of the original brand? This, Shunde Lehua Ceramic Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Chairman Xie Yuerong has a unique perspective: the power is small, only professional ; energy enough time, can be related to the field of diversified development.

Xie Yuerong that do tiles, is considered Leroy years of strategic planning. Wrigley to do ceramic tile, ceramic tile, including the goal is to do the whole bathroom plumbing facilities, a wide range of bathroom plumbing business does not Wrigley professional impact. According to its introduction, specifically for the Wrigley Wrigley tile set up a professional team, with the Wrigley is completely separate from bathroom plumbing, emphasizing the professional operation of the tile; the same time, Wrigley bathroom tiles can borrow in the plumbing field has the maturity of the network roll out , and brand value maximization.

"Whether black or white can is a good cat and mouse"

Business goal is simply bigger and stronger, and bigger and stronger way out only two: either specialized or diversified. As a means of achieving maximum profit, the company operating the business diversification and specialization in itself is not good or bad, the key is to see whether the company¡¯s current situation and characteristics. Apply the great man saying: "No matter black or white, can is a good cat and mouse", regardless of specialization or diversification, can enhance corporate brand development is a good way.
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